The main character of the photography — is children. 

As well as their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles ... the whole family. The number of people does not affect the value of a photo-session! 

Normally, shooting is held in the park or on the beach, but it all depends on your wishes. You can also select the shooting place at your home or at any other place. The most important - during the photo-session, you need to feel yourself comfortable! 

Shooting is preferably carried out in the daytime, in natural light. There are two versions of the shooting "Morning" and "Afternoon". Everything will depend on your daily routine, and of course the fact that you want to get to the shooting. Photography, at your request, can be combined with a walk, whatever the time of year and the weather. Approximate recording time: 3 hours. But the approach to each photo shoot is individual. 


  • Photo-session for pregnant women.
  • Newborns Photo-session.
  • Child delivery.
  • Baby photo-session.
  • Family photo-session.
  • Baptism Photo-session.
  • Love story
  • Weddings

As an author I pleased to exhibit my pictures. Typically, heroes of my photos are giving me permission to share their pictures in my publications. But everyone has the right to privacy  So if you want to make your story private, please let me know about that in advance.